You HAVE to WANT to Change!!

I have made amazing progress, I am beyond happy! With years of research paying off, my Therapist Sher, Dr. Henry Grayson and help from the Lord I have had a drastic change in less than a month. You HAVE to WANT change! There was never once in my 33 years with PTSD and severe Depersonalization that I just decided to accept it, felt like it YES…but never did. 33 years later it ALL paid off.

After losing my brothers L and D I have prepared years ago about my last remaining brother J. I have always prayed for J, tried to help him anyway I could. I am not a therapist. But I have the knowledge from overcoming my own battle to know what works and what doesn’t. My brother J has been diagnosed with PTSD, he turned to drugs when I was 14 and NEVER went back. I texted my brother offering all the help I can give him. Giving him thanks for all his love and protection over me when I was little. I told him how much I Love Him. I awaited for a text message, and I got it. He replied “I will be dead within 20 days” my heart broke in a million pieces. He tried to commit suicide last month. He was nearly on his last breath when my Mom found him and saved him. I replied with words of encouragement that change IS possible…I’m proof of that.

Actual message from my brother J

Other than trying to give him unconditional love and support I don’t know what to do anymore. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. No matter how many years I put into helping him I will NEVER give up trying. As my therapist described the childhood my siblings and I had as “feral” I couldn’t agree more. The reason I survived my childhood was because I had my Grandma. She was my Mom, My Dad, My EVERYTHING. My brothers and sister had nobody. My Grandma ALWAYS gave them love and did everything she could to help them. But they were never receptive. With a lot of love, prayer and determination I have WON my battle with PTSD.

In Doctor Henry Graysons book “How to use your mind to heal your body” the info is MIND BLOWING! Not just for PTSD, DP, but LIFE in general. That BOOK was a key to unlock all the ways to win my battle. I assure you, no matter what you are going through it CAN help you. You MUST want to change, nobody can do it for you. The book teaches different techniques to overcome whatever your battle is. I took that book and branched off and researched it, even taking it to the next step and have been researching and studying quantum physics.

I can only do what my brother will allow me to do to help him. I will never give up trying. I have been so inspired by so many different people over the course of my 33 year journey ALL I want is to help others. I have future plans to do online college course for psychology. My goal is to be a Trauma Therapist specializing in EMDR, EFT and actual forms of TREATMENT. I don’t care how long that dream takes, I WILL make it happen. For others like me, I know the struggles with PTSD and I KNOW how to overcome it. I know how it feels to have the weight of the World removed from my shoulders. Dr Henry Grayson states in his book “use your body to heal your mind” the number  1 cause of  death in America is medical intervention. I talked to my Psychatrist about helping me wean off of ALL my meds. She bucked me on that idea. While medication has helped me while I found my answer, I no longer need it. Can you imagine how many side effects I will remove from what I have exposed my body too for the past 14 years? I really hope this blog helps others as I prayed it will. Stay Strong and NEVER give up. If you’re reading this, if your breathing it’s not to late to WANT to change.

  • LJ

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