Don’t do more damage..

There’s nothing more that hurts worse inside..than the demons that I try to hide.

You tell me to let them out and it will be okay..only to get support that will vary day to day.

Trying to keep a brave face as I battle PTSD alone..everyone that said “Call if you need me” will no longer answer their phone.

Battling triggers through and hurts the most when they come from you.

You see the damage that has been done..Don’t make me battle alone I already feel numb.

Why do you trigger me with the things that I hate…You do it one more time and you’ll learn our fate.

When I break down and cry and I am incredibly sad..don’t tell me to “get over it” and say “life’s not that bad”.

I have been through trauma and don’t need more from you…Once patched up I am starting to be become unglued.

Don’t call me lazy when I have a hard time getting out of bed..It’s because I know it’ll be another daily battle of all the things I dread.

My days with PTSD will vary every day won’t be the same…Don’t bash me or make me feel more ashamed.

The things I have seen and been through I will never be the same…I don’t choose to live like this, I have a problem with my brain.

I need you to understand when I cry I am not doing it for attention..I have been through more trauma then I will ever truly mention.

Don’t do more damage as I start to heal..You may not understand it but the battle with PTSD is REAL.

  • LJ






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