A Poem From Someone With PTSD….

**Warning May Trigger**

A Poem from someone with PTSD…..

Living with an open wound to which the World can’t see…

Masking my pain with make up and medicine to hide all of the misery.

They say that time is healing, and things will be okay…

But they do not understand the torture my brain endures every single day.

They say PTSD is like a tattoo you spend a lifetime trying to remove..

I am tired of hiding my battle from others, I have nothing more to prove.

The World can’t see that behind closed doors I have severe panic attacks…

Moving another day forward just to have major and draining setbacks.

If others could see into my mind or live a day in my life they would wonder how I’m still here …

Living with the same unbearable memories every single year.

Trying to keep your face brave while you are being tortured inside…

In the middle of a conversation with someone wishing you could just run away and hide.

Living life up to the expectations of people on social media just isn’t real…

Live your life the way YOU ARE despite what others may feel.

People ask me why I zone out so much and why I don’t seem “Here”…

It’s because I am fighting off a trigger, intrusive thought, or something else I fear.

Unless you have a PTSD brain you could never truly understand…

The battle is 24/7 and we are not just living in La La land.

  • LJ

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